Emergency Room Pick Up

Say that you have been in an accident where you were rushed to an emergency room by an ambulance in order to save your life. The desired goal was achieved, you are alive, but unfortunately, you may be immobile or require medical assistance for some time. It is one thing if you can fit in a regular vehicle comfortably and have friends or family to pick you up if you are rendered unable to transport yourself.

But, what if you have no one available to bring you home? This is when non emergency medical transportation comes in, which fortunately for you is much more affordable than the ambulance ride that brought you into the emergency room in the first place.

medical transportation

Often times after surgery or intensive care, you may need to be transported on a stretcher or be hooked up to machines while you recover. This can make transport out of the hospital somewhat challenging, even if you do have someone to help take you home.

When these types of situations happen, people often panic thinking about the high price of the ride to the emergency room, but due to the flexible schedule of transport and the non-threatening situation which means that the driver doesn’t need to speed in order to save your life, a medical transport ride is typically affordable.

If a person has been in a serious vehicular accident, the last thing they may want to be in is a moving vehicle. The good news about medical transportation vehicles is that the personnel are a highly trained team with not only a safe and experienced driver on board, but typically medical personnel who can ensure that you are 100% safe during your transportation. They are also trained in the loading and & unloading of patients and while this may seem simple, for someone who has had a serious accident, they require the utmost caution and care in their transport.

non-emergency medical transportation

Emergency room non-medical transport is also necessary for those who may not have had a serious accident, but for whom making their way back home after an emergency hospital visit can be challenging. Elderly people who do not have a vehicle or who may not be able to drive one may find it very difficult to take public transport after a serious hospital stay. Emergency medical transport can make all the difference for these types of patients and ensures that they get home safely without any problems.

Whether your destination after an emergency room visit is near or far, a medical transport definitely makes the trip a more secure, peaceful, and reliable one. While medical transport does cost, some of the cost can be covered by some insurances or Medicaid depending on the situation. For anyone who may require the help of a medical transport, this can make their lives much easier and ease the load of someone who has just been through a very difficult situation.