Dialysis Treatment

Perhaps you have heard of medical transportation for dialysis patients and you may be wondering why it is necessary. Or maybe you have recently been told that you will require dialysis treatment yourself and you could question if you will need non-emergency medical transportation.


Following are some reasons why those who are going through dialysis treatment require medical transport:

  • Patients require frequent visits to the hospital, as often as up to three times a week.
  • They often feel dizzy and nauseated after treatment, making driving a big no-no.
  • Many patients who require dialysis may also need the use of a wheelchair.
  • Patients may need medical support to and from homes.
  • Some dialysis patients require dialysis equipment with them at all times.

Not everyone who is getting dialysis will need medical transport. For some, a family member or friend who understands the treatment and who is willing to drive them to appointments, etc., is all that they need, but for those who may be thinking of longer trips or who are hemodialysis patients without family help, medical transport is God-sent.

One reason why those on dialysis treatment could need medical transport is when they want to take longer trips, whether to another medical facility or because they want to take a trip somewhere to see friends or loved ones. Sometimes they require machines, or portable water treatment units, or supplies and medicines. With a medical transport, a patient can relax more knowing that they have everything they need at any moment should they experience a need for attention.

medical transportation

Likewise, medical transports have medical personnel on board to attend to their needs and ensure that their health is taken care of throughout the entire trip. A medical transport team that is aware of the illness of the patient and what they will require can make sure that they have everything on board that they may need. From the proper food to the equipment that may be required, a medical team will make sure that you have everything that is required for a safe journey.

For many people on dialysis treatment, it can feel like their lives are over or that they will no longer be able to travel or enjoy life like they used to. While they definitely have to exercise more caution than ever before, with the help of medical personnel and affordable medical transportation cost, many times dialysis patients are able to take trips they otherwise would not be able to take.